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Civil, Mechanical & Pipeline Works, Area A, B & C Phase 14

This project consisted of PC and pre-commissioning package for Piping, civil and Mechanical works of onshore facilities for phase for 14 and it was signed between SAFF and IDRO/IPMI in Nov. 2012. The project scope included 300,000 ID of piping, 6000 m3 of concrete, installation of 1000 ton of rotary and fixed equipment and 500 tons of pipe support.

 Project Summary
 Location  South Pars phase 14 - Kangan
 Client  IDRO/IPMI
 Duration  18 months
 Start Date  Nov. 2012

 PC package and pre-commissioning for :

  •  Piping
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Refinery Pipe Rack
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