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Offshore Projects

Offshore Projects (7)

Soroosh & Nowrooz Integrated Field Development

Soroosh & Nowrooz Integrated Field Development

This project consisted of PC package for 3 jackets, 2 decks, 1 conductor tower and 1 bridge that was singed between SAFF and Hyundai for Shell in Feb. 2012. The project scope included 4000 tons of offshore steel structure.


 Project Summary
 Location  Soroush and Nowrooz Field
 Client  Hyundai for Shell
 Duration  12 months
 Start Date  Feb. 2002

 Fabrication, Pre-commissioning, Load out and Sea  Fastening offer:

  •  SWP1 Jacket
  •  SWP2 Jacket
  •  NWP1 Jacket
  •  SWP1 Deck Including
  • NPP1 Drilling Deck
  • NPP1 Conductor Tower
  • SWP1 Bridge
sono01 sono02
sono03 sono04
sono05 sono06


SPQ1 Living Quarter South Pars Phase 1


SPQ1 Living Quarter South Pars Phase 1

This project consisted of PC package for SPQ-1 Living Quarter and it was singed between SAFF and SADRA-Samsung consortium for Petropars in May. 2003. The project scope included fabrication,pre-commissioning, load-out and Sea Fastening of a 5090 ton living quarter in 5 levels with a Heli-deck, cinema, control room, conference,and recreation & fitness rooms with living accommodations for up to 95 personnel.


 Project Summary
 Location   South Pars Phase 1
 Client  SADRA & Samsung Consortium for Petropars
 Duration  18 months
 Start Date  Apr. 2003
 Scope  PC package for 5 level living quarter
 spq11  spq12

Salman Tripod Renovation

Salman Tripod Renovation

This project consisted of PC package for renovation of existing piping manifolds and tripods of Salman field and it was signed between SAFF and PEDCO in Feb. 2006.  The project scope included 13 tripods and their relevant piping which included 11 oil lines and 10 gas lines. The total steel structure weight for this project was 252 tons.


Project Summary
 Location  Salman Oil Field
 Client  PEDCO
 Duration  11.5 months
 Start Date  Feb. 2006

 PC Package for renovation of existing tripods and piping manifolds: 

  • Refurbishments of 13 numbers of the existing tripods structures
  • Removal of existing topsides piping of 13 tripods
  • Installation of new piping manifolds



  jk2  jk3

Jack Up

The EPCC contract for two Jack Up drilling units was signed between POGC and SAFF on 9th of Jul. 2007. The basic design and detailed designed for Rosemond SA-20 Jack up was done SAFF and Rosemond and this design has received Korean Register patent and it is certified by Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology.


Project Summary


 Location  Bandar Abbas  2
 Client  Pars Oil & Gas Company
 Duration  28
 Start Date  Dec. 2007
EPCC Package for two super M2 jackup drilling rigs:
  •  Korean Register Patent Approval
  • Conceptual Design Technological Capability Certificate issued by Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


Main Specification
 Operating Water Depth  330ft (100.58m) Picture1
 Drilling Depth  30000 ft [9144 m]
 Length Overall  196.5 ft [59.9 m]
 Width Overall  177 ft[54 m]
 Depth of Hull  25 ft[7.6 m]
 Leg total length  441ft[134.42m]
 Leg distance (Traversal)  115ft[35 m]
 Leg distance (Longitudinal)  120.08 ft,(36.6 m)
 Spud Can Diameter


 Maximum drill floor offset  +/- 15ft (+/- 4.8 m)
 Max variable deck load  +/- 15ft (+/- 4.6 m)

 Max. Drilling Variable Deck Load

 9,000 kips [4,083 m. tons]
 Max. Survival Deck Load  6,000 kips [2,722 m. tons]
 Max Combined Drill floor Load  2,200 kips [998 m. tons]
 Quarters Capacity  120 Persons































Salman Offshore Facilities

This project included 2 EPC packages for PEDCO and the first contract was signed on 15th Jun. 2002. These projects were defined to increase the capacity of existing facilities to 220,000 bpd from 50 wells. EPC I (11 months) included 2 wellhead jackets (2500 T) and EPC II (24 months) included 3 jackets (2660 T), 4 topsides (5195 T), FPP tower and two bridges (301 T). The EPC I was delivered in Mar. 2005 and EPC II was delivered in Sep 2009.


Project Summary
   Location    SALMAN  Oil & Gas Field EPC I and EPC II
   Client    PEDCO
   Duration    11 + 24 months
   Start Date    Jun. 2002
   Completion Date    Sep. 2009
   EPC package of:
  • 2SK-B Jacket (830 Tons)
  • 2SK-C Jacket (830 Tons)
  • PP3 Jacket (730 Tons)
  • PP3 Topsides (721 Tons)
  • FPP Jacket (220 Tons)
  • LQ3 Jacket (607 Tons)
  • LQ3 Topside (1.818 Tons)
  • Bridge, KPP/LQ3 (140 Tons)
  • Bridge, PP3/NPP (140 Tons)
  • FPP (Flare Tower) (83 Tons)
 salj2  salj1
 STC 5425 16 3
 Picture1  salman2

South Pars Phase 15

South Pars Phase 15

Scope of this project was the EPCI package for Offshore Platforms (2813 tons), jackets(5106 tons), bridges and flare tower (388 tons) signed between POGC and SAFF on 25th of Jun 2006. In this project 12 wells will produce 25 million m3 of gas, 40,000 bpd of condensate and 200 MT/d of Sulphur and other products such as LPG. The commissioning for was done on 11th of Nov 2014. As per client’s request the production was done for 8 months and the project was handed over on 26th of Sep 2015.


Project Summary
  Location   South Pars Phase 15
  Client   POGC - Petro Pars Iran
  Duration   44 months
  Start Time   Dec. 2006
  Completion Time   Nov. 2014

 EPCC Package for  :

  • Jacket & Pile
  • SPD Deck
  • FSP Deck
  • FSP Jacket
  • ISP Jacke
  • ISP Deck
  • Flare Tower
  • BRIDGE "1"
  • BRIDGE"2"


 Picture 002  Picture 057
 061  03
 Picture 001  sp19 1
 DSC 0624  00000

Construction of Two Fire Fighting Azimuth Stern Driven Tug Boats



 SAFF Offshore Industries Company has started the Construction of two FIFI Tug Boats.


Tug Boats Specification:

A newly Built Azimuth Stern Driven type classified as tanker handling and firefighting tug highly maneuverable and with high performance design to work in PERSIAN GULF region and Suitable for service on open sea.

The Tugs are high-performance ASD in harbour and coastal water for berthing and unberthing of shore towing, firefighting operations and Push/Pull operation.

Each tug will equipped with 2 x 3200 BHP engines with Z-Peller 360ºunits fixed pitch propeller nozzles, firefighting system class FIFI I and shall be fully outfitted for safe and efficient performance.

Project Name:                  Construction of Two Fire Fighting Azimuth Stern Driven Tug Boats

Owner:                              SAFF Offshore Industries Company


1-        Dimensions:                   Length: 32 meter, Width: 12.4 Meter, Draft: 5.6 Meter

2-        Ahead Bollard Pull:        70-80 Ton

3-        Astern Bollard Pull:        65-70 Ton

4-        Speed:                             12.5 Knot

5-        Main Engines Power:     2*3200 HP Azimuth Stern Driven Type

6-        Fire Fighting Type:         FI-FI I

7-        Gross Tonnage:              Under 500 Ton

8-      Crew:                                12 Persons

 tug960809 1 tug960809 2 tug960809 3
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