SAFF Group

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 sadaf SADAF Co.

SADAF Co. owns and maintains the marine fleet and its main area of expertise are maine installation, transportation and pipe laying. SADAF Co. is actively involved in the following fileds :

  • Pipe Coating
  • Submarine Pipe Laying and Cable Laying/Umbilical Lines Laying on Sub-sea
     Offshore Platforms Installation
  • Offshore/ Harbor Heavy Lifting
  • Load-out, Sea-fastening and Marine Transportation
  • Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of Offshore Structures
  • Offshore Drilling Services
  • Offshore Salvage
  • Supply of Marine Equipment/ Vessel
  • Gas Injection Projects
  • SBM Maintenance and Installation
  • Hydrographic Services



 saba  SABA Co.

SABA Co. is expert in onshore construction project and its main areas of expertise are fabrication of industrial equipment, civil works in Islands, and construction of harbor, jetties ports, and breakwater. This company is active in civil, mechanical and electrical infrastructure project in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

SABA has experience in the following civil, structural and oil and gas EPC projects:

  • Construction of Jetty & Wharf
  • Construction of Breakwater
  • Construction of Port Utilities
  • Industrial Steel Structure and Foundations in Oil & Gas Projects
  • Installation & Commissioning of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Plants
  • Design & Construction of Crude Oil & Products Storage Tanks
  • Utility Installation Including Pump Stations & Piping
  • Electrical & Instrument Installation Including Automatic Control Systems, MV & LV Panel.




 react  REACTORSAZ Co.


REACTORSAZ Co. as a private holding company has been active since 1976 with 35 years of experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Energy Industries, with vast range activities in the field of EPC Projects. Their main areas of expertise are:

Power Plants
    • Thermal Power plant
           - Gas Turbine Power plant
           - Combined Turbine Power plant
           - Steam Turbine Power plant
    • Hydro Power plant
    • Renewable Energy
           - Wind Power
           - Solar Power plant
           - CHP

Mining Industries

    • Cement Factory
    • Steel Plant

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects
    • Refinery (Oil/Gas/Bitumen)
    • Storage &Distribution / Onshore Pipeline
    • Desalination Plant/ Sulfur Removal
    • Compressor Station




NAFT SAZEH QESHM Co. (NSQ) is a 100% Iranian-owned private, joint stock company which is located in Qeshm island under the rules and regulations of Qeshm free zone authority, Iran. NSQ has been established in 2000. NSQ is specialized in performing offshore and onshore EPCI projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and marine industries. NSQ’s policy is to develop and maintain a prominent position as an integrated offshore and onshore EPCI company, competing in the regional and international markets by providing its clients with full service in the development of offshore and onshore oil and gas fields. The facilities at NSQ consist of a state-of-the art fabrication yard, pipe coating plant, pressure vessels shops, marine jetty and other utilities. The fabrication yard of NSQ which is located in Qeshm island Free Zone has capacity to produce 36,000 tons of steel structure and 12,000 tons of piping/ oil and gas equipment annually.





Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery (QMAB) Co. is the first and biggest microalgae biotechnology company in the Middle East is dedicated to bring local land and climate advantages into cultivation of unique and patented microalgae species to deliver the most advanced innovation, technology and bio-products to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, food, feed and biofuel industries.






Sarv Oil & Gas Development Industries is the first producer of high performance catalysts in Iran. The company was established in 2004 and due to its high quality catalyst products; it has become a leading brand in oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industries. SARV Co is a knowledge-based private company with over 120 scientists and technical personnel involved in R&D and production of various types of catalysts. Its current production capacity is over 1000 tons per year which is planned to be increased to 2100 tons per year by 2015.

Sarv Oil & Gas Development Industries is also actively involved in research and development of GTL technology. SAV Co has successfully accomplished and has made great achievements in design, manufacturing and installation of industrial GTL units.





BIDCO is a privately-owned company that provides drilling services for hydrocarbon and geothermal wells. BIDCO owns SADRA OMID CHABAHAR shipyard which is located in CHABAHAR, south west of Iran.

Their services are as follows:

  • Drilling rig supply and management
  • Drilling and work over operation
  • Project Management
  • Well equipment and material procurement
  • Project QA/QC
  • Project HSE management and development




Omid Pars Co is a consortium of Oil, Gas and Energy companies who provide the following services:


Design and production of offshore and onshore rigs

Management and engineering services oil industries

Procurement, construction and execution of oil industries


Management, investment, finance in industrial design

Trade, import and export of goods and services

Construction of port facilities


Equipment fabrication, assembly, prototyping of machinery and equipment construction in energy industries

Engineering services for petrochemical plants